Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's This Life For...

Creed was screaming in my mp3 player with this song ' What's This Life For... ' and I was sinking into it. And started thinking about me, my life. What is the meaning of it. Does it having any meaning at all…

There’s hardly anything that is unexpected in my daily life. It is almost picture perfect and moves in the way it was  decided to be. Even the hour of sleep is same. The food that I eat daily – almost same. The routines, the route to work and back, the things I do both at work and back in room, the people I call, meet, mail – everything is same. It is so predictive. The only occasional change will be my trip to home, but that also is almost synchronized, every other or third weekend. And that journey is also surprisingly predictable. 

Is this life… can this be called life….

WHY NOT ???? 

Everyday, I am smiling, laughing, enjoying. I been Loved. I am being a reason for somebody to smile, a light moment, to feel Loved. That is worth my life. 

I Love my life


  1. I love the way you speak of life and more specifically your life. I love how you've defined it with utter joy and enthusiasm, I love how optimism you are, and all this love for life and happiness is brought out to your reader through your every line.

    Haven't been following for a while, am glad am back to read such immensely uplifting content!

    Keep up loving life my dearest B :-)