Monday, March 28, 2011

Stand For Ourself

In the life we face times when we need to stand on our feet, literally. Just on our own. When the World is against us, with all its might. Everything, everyone has only one thing to say - decide against our call.

It might be the most hurting and demanding situation. We know we are right, but when the voices from all around try to tell us it is not the right thing to do, and warn that the result may be devastating, what shall we do…. It is easy to listen to others. And live in regret. Regret for playing it safe, and not giving at least a chance to stand for what we want…

The world hates change. Period. It wants everything to be going by the way it wants to. Even that means, it is against our very normal wishes, demands, rights. We are expected to bear everything that is thrown to us. Expectations not met – learn to live with less or no expectations.

Never fall in the trap. Though it may means I am making the world my enemy, I prefer to stand for what I feel right. At least, later, it will be easy for me to convince myself that I was right. May be it is too early for others to accept it. Or, I know they don’t want to see me happy, especially by living my way. So they may try to make my life horrible, but they cannot break my will and they will never succeed.

I don’t want to bear everything thinking, all will be right in the end. NEVER WAIT FOR THE END. There is nothing left after it, nothing happier, better, no heaven. There is nothing after the end, whatever we need to do; we got to do it now, this moment.

You don’t need to turn back pages to see people who stand for what they believe. Their story is not ending with Ram ya Gandhiji. The millions who stood for Egypt, Libya were fighting the good fight. They stood for what they believe, though they knew they might even be killed. My friend Batool, who voiced her support for her fellow people. Though she was away from them, though she was in a foreign land, she stood for what she felt right. I am damn sure, her name, her faith may make it difficult in the foreign land. Still she decided to face it. Singled out. Humiliated. Laughed at. She may have faced it. But she stood for her cause. That is something I respect her for.

Voice for ourselves. If not us, who else we can expect to do it. Though others may laugh at us or make our life miserable, it is only temporary. We will see it through. And later, we will never regret it. Good luck.

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  1. This is my dear friend Batool wants to tell about this post :

    That's what i wrote and blogpost denied my right to write :P:P I didn't get a chance to properly browse and properly read your great poignant lines. This has to be one of my favourite posts, not because I've been mentioned in beautiful, uplifting appreciative descriptive but because all that you describe in your words comes out as sincere as the person you are. I sometimes wonder if my lines voice my character, a part of me, it's very difficult to write yourself in words, but you've done it so wonderfully and artistically!
    Standing alone, standing for something no matter how insignificant value the world may give it, is remedial at so many levels. A lot of what you wrote has been hitting me recently, weighing out my life, is it light or is it heavy? what gives it weight?
    Not waiting for the end, excellent point. We've got one life to live and happiness is not in repetition, happiness is in fulfillment, happiness is not doing the same thing as the flock does, happiness is doing what feels right done. I think a lot of our actions could be marked wrong by others if we were to act through our feelings rather than rationality but then again, where do feelings in essence come from if not some mindful thoughts, some rationality. Never wait till the end for a life you only live once.

    Thank you so much for your ever so cherished and treasured words. I am very humbled, golden person of golden character you are B, a reminder of the colour in my world :):)

    Hope the birthday was nothing less than perfect and of epitome joy!