Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Have Told You Already...

How many times you have heard people using this - I knew it will happen like this only or I have already told you, I always knew that etc etc... And how many times you have cursed them silently...

Yesterday iGate bought Patni computers and each share was evaluated at Rs 103. Times of India reporter was yelling - we have reported 10 days before that it will be close between 100 and 105. It was OK on the paper, but what happens in real life..

Worse, to prove that one know about something / someone more than the others, they might reveal details they should not, or even lie. Because it was getting on their nerves and they needed to prove that they know more. Crap. If you know something very personal or secretive stuff, how can you reveal it, just to prove you know more than others.. How will it hit the person involved ???

Those kind of people, if they already knew it earlier, will definitely will make a statement and will not wait for the news to break. Still they are so egoist and un-civilised to accept they didn't knew it. And to prove they are more-informed, will screw the situation.

One of my colleague got pregnant. And one team-mate announced, he already knew it. Did she tell him earlier ?? No, it was from her body language and appearance that he knew she was pregnant. But he never bothered to make the statement. Did you get the picture ??? What I am talking about ???

When you talk with me / or to a group I am part of, please do not use these phrases :
       I already knew that it will happen / end like this
       I told you already, na
       I know it

Thank you

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