Monday, December 6, 2010

One Week In US

It's been a week here in US this time. And this trip was unique, if not special. So short notice ( within 3 days of checking I am free, I was flying ), and so many things to do - before my flight and after I landed here. Now just waiting for December 22nd to fly back...

Right from the drop to Bangalore bus station to catch the bus to home, it was all chaos. The road construction made us take detour. And on way to Keralam, near Hosur the bus was STOPPED for more than two hours, thanks to an accident. The Emirates flight, both from Kochi and Dubai was late. Landed in SFO, had to wait for baggage, and once out, the taxi driver forgot where he parked the car and we were searching the entire 2nd level for it !!! What a great start of the trip...

But now everything seems ok. Adjusted to the weather. Got used to the tips and tricks with the new technology. Food is good. Got company. Though neck deep in work, has some lighter moments often. Hope can finish everything in style and go back content.

*** The pic is the view from the 12th floor of our new office.


  1. The pic reminds me of Kuwait! Sounds busy yet accomplishing, it feels great to write about it? it feels easy writing about so much that has happened yet just looking back to regather your thoughts and include every detail is hard work!! All i can say is Excellent job!
    Well done!
    Haha, he forgot where he parked? HOWW?! it always happens when i shop with mom, but thats justifiable, two women, on their way to the shopping mall, our mind will be pretty crammed, very hectic styling going on, the tangling of thoughts, the colours, the patterns haha! ;-)
    Sounds like a memorable trip to me! Though I really hate traffic and accidents. The whole designated taxi driver idea is too much for me, especially in the uk, I really dont like the speed of driving (more like flying?) over there!

    Good luck and hope you had a lovely New Year, wishing you more accomplishing, blessed and dream manifesting days to come!!

  2. I am back to India after 3 'interesting' weeks there. Mission Accomplished. And that's it. Only that.