Thursday, June 17, 2010

Self Realisation For Others - A.K.A Me As I See

This is more of a self portrait. The way I am. Or, the way I want you to see me. Some facts, some infatuations. May be the way I want myself to be.

I am friendly. But do no mistake it for a friend.
I am very particular about privacy. Respect my space. Please do not come very close.

I am a dreamer. Who dreams a lot and believe in it. Most of my efforts are to make my dreams to be true.
Very protective about my Loved ones. Will never let them go.
Never be in sad for long. Once something comes, will find a way to overcome it and let the plan work.
Though I may not tell you the truth, I seldom lie.
I like buying gifts. Not only for my loved ones, to myself too.

Impulsive. Do things which I fell right and at once.
Prefer to give my 100% to the responsibilities I take. So am reluctant to take any.
Often mistook for being 'Always smiling bright boy'.

This space might update later. Don't be shocked to see an all new and different me then! People may not change, but the circumstances do.

1 comment:

  1. We share a lot! I love buying myself gifts aren't they just the best?! ;-)
    I like the way you describe yourself, very truthful, very carefree, you're one of the few people i met that know how to define their personalities..I find it difficult to utter a couple of sentences when someone asks Tell me something about yourself. You got all the interesting bits in!