Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life Lessons - 1

I had a friend when I was doing my diploma in Mohali. We were in same team and were good friends. One day, after lunch she and her roommate were coming out of the women's room laughing. I jokingly asked her to share the joke. Her friend said it is a ladies' joke and can not be shared with boys. Then after a minute of thinking she challenged if she is a true friend of mine she will share it.

My friend did told me the joke next day and I felt it was too silly to be called a girl's joke, considering the 'standard' of our boy's only jokes. But, there came the twist. Her roommate stopped talking to her, because she betrayed her ! I felt bad and offered to help in patching up between them. But my friend was so strong that I should not do that. And the thing she added was my lesson...
When I came to Mohali, I never thought I will meet her or I will be her friend. I am not entirely dependent on her. If she feels like it is not worth being my friend let her go away. We can not force anybody.

Though it's been a while I learned it, it comes handy when I find myself stranded.


  1. Well said. You know, Ive been in such situations, Ive experienced the same thought process, "we cannot force anyone to be our friend" but then again, I look at the situation from another eye, I put myself in her shoes my friend's position, sometimes we act stubborn, sometimes we build walls to see who cares enough to break that wall, that barrier and get to us. Its nice to see they care.
    But a year later, I look back at the same situation, and wonder "wow, I was very childish to do this, was it necessary?" Sometimes it is necessary, as human beings, we all want to feel wanted by our loved ones and cared for, but i guess extremities are bad, going as far as not talking to a person for years is simply not right.

    Thought provoking post! Another reviving blog of urs! :-)
    Keep writing! if this is "silly" then you've given silly a new definition ;-)!

  2. Batty,
    When your 'friend' behaves childish what can you do. I just wanted to say that we should not force a relationship. And if for every single silly reason your friend becomes upset with you and all yor energy is spend to mend it, what is the point of friendship. All want to be loved. But expecting to been loved the way we need, not the way the other be, is bad.

    And not just people, any city, job - this lesson can apply to them. We are not here because of any people, city or job. We can always find a different one.

  3. dont think about the person who leave us with out reason,becuase a lot of good people are in this world & also they can understand us.good post,me also faced a lot from someone (not from friends ).....and also oneday they will back if that relation is sincere.I tried to read all posts,and read some.....good.....keep blogging

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