Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let Our Children Make The Roads Better !

A Child Makes The Man.

It is true. One will grow to the rules and ideas he made as a kid. So it is important to give them proper insight, training and a sense of duty while driving. Because the kids will learn and repeat what their parents or elders do. It is clear that we can not much about the drivers already on wheel. At least if the next generation learns some better manners they will have an easy life on road!

This thought came to my mind when I was waiting for green at the Koramangala signal and this guy on bike, through the left side jumped red. Worse, he was not wearing helmet. The kid whom he was dropping may be getting late to school. But he is getting an idea that jumping red is not a sin.

At least when with the kids, let us be good driver. Promise ourself that
We will not jump red
We will not ride on footpath
We will not honk unnecessarily
We will follow line discipline and when need to take turn or change lines will use blinker
We will not break the one-way rule
Never drink and drive
Never park in a way to disturb the traffic
Will not drive in the wrong side
Will always use dim light, at least when we see a vehicle in the opposite direction we will make it dim
Always park with the parking lights on in the night
Will always use seat belt / helmet
When we walk, will use the footpath and will not cross roads at every space available

If you follow the rules, your kid also will do the same. Imagine he is with his uncle and when the uncle jump a red he say - ' Hey my papa will never do that '...
Don't you beaming with pride already :)

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  1. so very extremely true. I like your quote at the beginning, a child makes a man indeed. Parents make an unbelievable impression on their children, and indeed being a good role model will help a lot of issues, a significant one would be road safety.
    Great post!