Monday, May 25, 2009

The Real Courage..

What it takes the most courage...
I believe it is to admit that others are / can be right or they can do things which you can never think of... Do I need to explain... The first thing we need to win to enjoy life and appreciate others is ego. But that, most often will decide and dictate what you have to do... And then, we oversee the other point of view. It is ok to have an expectation and plan of things in our life. But when we try to judge others our way, things will go havoc... Why should we let that happen to our life.. Judge things and people after you know them, and never stick with the first impression. It can be the most stupid thing at times.

Open up your mind. Please let yourself know that others are also smart, they can take right decisions and plan well. They might saw something that you haven't. They may be just thinking ahead of you... So appreciate them and like the courage they have to think and do different. Just because others are not following what we expect them to be, doesn't mean that they are wrong... Good Luck...


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