Thursday, April 9, 2009

How far will you go for love..

I guess I am writing lot about Love. But do you have a better topic to discuss... Here I will introduce you to two new characters. Who believed and went ahead in love, a bit too far. The only similarities among them is that both were girls.

First one is ( was ) working as a team lead in a software firm. When she attended interview for another company she met her Prince charming. Well, it definitely not was love at first sight. But they get introduced in the interview time and the friendship grows into Love.

So far so good. Then the inevitable happened, one by one. First parents. Though his parents agreed to it and met her to know each other, her parents were against it sighting caste and language difference. ( interestingly, they found an alliance for her, a relative, who earns a quarter of hers and look wise... a scare-crow might be decent in front of him. ) They were black mailing her emotionally, you are the only child, your marriage is our dream, what our family will think if you marry an outsider etc, etc etc... It went so far that when she visited home for vacation, they virtually kept her house arrest and her relatives came and counselled her all days... She got fed up with it ( naturally ) and she stopped gong home. She kept herself busy at work and tried to keep away from all those personal things.

The prince was knowing all these and was planning to visit her parents to explain things. But she kept him from it fearing he will be kicked out and she didn't want that to happen. He by that time has quit the company and was doing MS out of India. She, in a sudden plan quit the job and went abroad. So there she is, in an unknown land but with the comfort of prince and his family. She now is totally down, because of wrong job ( she managed to find one in this tough time though ), the climate, food and been away from home. She wants to come back to India, but only with her prince. But her family is not ready to accept him. She wants her parents to be with him but for them she is no more their daughter. Hhmm... tough situation...

The next story is a positive one, I mean the girl and her prince got married. There is all masala for a ( stupid ) love story. Love at first sight, proposal, rejection, guilty, elope, court marriage, united with parents ( after the baby ) and all... By the end of the story you will get why I called it stupid.

The girl and the guy met at a function at her sister's place. He fell head over heals for her and decided at once ( ! ) that she will be his wife. He proposed right then and there and naturally she turned him down. Now the story begins. He proposed her two more times and always she rejected him. But he was firm on his decision and was waiting for her. Their common friends told her that he will marry only her and if she rejects he will collapse and blah blah blah.. The lady being a 'good girl' doesn't wants to see him struggling because of her. She was not able to make a decision, and as a devotee of Shiva she chose to seek His opinion.

She has a novel way of seeking Shiva's opinion. She will put chits of various options and will pick one chanting Shiva manthras. That will be Shiva's answer to her queries !!! She asked whether he will be the right partner for her and the answer came 'yes' and then whether she can trust him - again 'yes'. She took some money from her papa's and sister's pocket and took a bus to his city !!!! Remember, she never talked to him or informed him that she was coming !!!

Luckily for her things didn't get worse. He though was shocked to meet her all a sudden, took her to a friend's house and married in a week. Their parents were not too happy with it but they are ok now. And they are living happily with two kids... She says she still gets goose bumps when she think about her stupid journey to the city.

So, what you think... Love is blind, fearless, stupid, nonsense whatever... But it definitely is a good subject to discuss, right...

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  1. its the only thing we cant stop... continue,write as much as u can.