Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes, I Am Prepared

You never know what lies ahead in life. But you can always have an idea about what it could be and be prepared for it. Better, you can have multiple options and have plan a, b and so forth ! The idea is, we should always be prepared for whatever life has to offer and should be ready with a plan.


This is not my way of living life. I prefer to face it when it comes. Come on, how can we be prepared for every turn of life ??? Let it come and I will face it. I never want to waste my time prepare for something I may never ever face ! And other than money matters I don't think I have any control over other situations in life.

Life is not an exam comes with syllabus ! Even if it is, most of the time, the real questions will be out of syllabus. And life doesn't give you a chance to skip one question, and you can not argue that you are not expected / prepared / warned / told about it.

Think about this moment. Prepare for this very moment. If you can do something, do it to make it better. Never worry or think much about something you may never going to face. Happy living :)


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