Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life is wonderful...

I always believe small is beautiful.
Especially when it comes to happiness.
There is nothing soothing than a heartening smile..
That too when I need it the most..
From one I love...

Sometimes being this far and alone, I curse my fate.
There is nothing fun in being in a foreign land with all fake smile and pleasantries.
I tried to immense into work to relax, but that comfort didn't last long.

Now, when I hear the smiles and all the warmth through phone or mail, I feel, know that my life is not that worth less.
When my granny says, hearing me was enough and she was happy for it, my heart was full...
It is always good to see me wanted..

I know, I can not return all the love I get.
But being lovable and been loved..
I love it...


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