Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silly Little Happinesses..

Last weekend I was home. I visited my good old friend on saturday. There his daughter was getting ready to go back to work. So I sugested I will drop her and take my friend for a drive too. He was surprised, but just for a split second and accepted my offer with great pleasure. His wife also joined us. And when we started, he placed his hand on my shoulder ( I was driving ) and told me that he is very happy to have a friend like me... He was almost in tears and the ladies in the back were teasing him ( punningly as they also can't stand his tears).

Here is the twist in the story. My friend is not well. He survived a stroke, but still has difficulty in walking. His life is almost limited to four walls. He wanted to go out badly but was not able to. They booked a cab, but at the last minute, knowing it's only a small trip, the driver stepped back.

I made him happy. And I am happy for him too. But at times, I do wonder am I making all the moves right.. Am I making those who really matter happy.. And if not, why it is so... And above all I sometime wonder am I making myself happy... Or defining happiness in some fragile, invisible curves on faces...


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