Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ladies, Please... Driving is NOT your cup of tea...

When I wrote last time about the mis-experiments of lady drivers I was criticised for being so prejudiced. But in the last few days I got two more reasons why I was right..

I was waiting for bus when I met the first lady. The drain was cleaned and the slabs over it was not aligned properly. Our lady managed to get the front wheel on the slab, but somehow stopped in between. She tried hard but the car moving backwards !! At last it stopped with a bang and then she managed to steer it ahead. The bang was because she bumbed into the following car !!! Funny thing is that, she didn't notice it and moved ahead. The guy in the second car stopped her little ahead, but I missed the scene as my bus arrived by then.

And in the second incident, another lady was driving fast completely unaware that she got a flat tyre. I heard a noise and was checking whether it was from my bike. Then I saw this Zen overtaking me with a flat tyre... When the air press sure is less, we can feel that the car is not balanced well. Here with a complete flat tyre she was cool... And when she was stopped by another biker, she got out and was wondering how come that happened to her...!!!


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