Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is this the best thing to do...

Getting a good maid in Bangalore is difficult. Our last maid was a smart lady. She did all the jobs perfect and was clean. But one fine day after receiving the salary she stopped coming. One month we adjusted without maid. But the tidiness of room was on toss.

We got another one in between. But she demanded Rs.800 for a month. We used to give 400 and this was double of it. The reason she told was, we are four bachelors and 200 per month will not be difficult considering our salaries !!!

Today we got a new one. She did the job well. But she was at least 70 years old.. I felt very bad. She was very fragile. But when I think again, here her work is light. If it is not here, she may need to go somewhere else, may be somewhere far. So let it continue like it...


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