Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids again...

Hi Friends,
It's been a long while I wrote something here.
I had a quite few subjects to write about, but didn't get that 'quality' mood to write.
Today I am writing because I am damn angry and frustrated and need a way to went that out... :)

I already told my views about the kids and parent's expectations earlier.
Now I have a feeling that kids are indeed like a future investment of parents.
They not only expect the kids to take care of them in old age, but they script their life each and every step.
It is ok to guide them and teach them when the kids need it.
But even after an age, choosing everything for them, or 'guiding' them every step will be too much.
Kids need their space.
And they need to do the things and make the decisions their own.

All this thoughts came up when I heard the story of my friends.
They are in love and wanted to get married.
Boy's parents agreed ( not the instant they heard it, but after getting an idea about the girl ), but girl's parents are against them siting cast and language issues.
They were not even ready to hear what the girl has to say or know about the guy.
He is very decent, had MS from Swiss and now working in Swiss.
He is from a very well to do family and still the girl's parents are not even interested in hearing about him, if not agreeing.

Don't you now feel that parents script every moment of kid's life and wanted them always follow 'their' dreams...
And if they think themselves them they are cheaters, don't care about culture, family, values and what not...

Me, hhmmmm... always want to be parent's boy...
They wanted me to be a doctor and I am an engineer now, they wanted me to have a govt job and stay close to them, I am with an MNC in Bangalore, but deep within I also want them near me.
I make an excuse every other weekend to go home ( my manager is not happy about it though ).

So what is there between kids and parents.....


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