Sunday, August 10, 2008


Have you ever thought how your love affects people, or their love affects you ???
I am in a pensive mood now.
Love, in it's various moods and forms is smiling at me :D
There is only a rule for love.
That is expecting it back.
And if someone says or make you feel like his/her love is unconditional run away...
They are faking it.....

When will someone love you ???
When they find you are lovable.
And what will make them feel so ???
Something about you - they way you talk, smile or just the way you behave when you are with them, it could be anything.
Then there is a problem.
Others will expect you to be the lovable self all the time.
The expect , dream you to walk, talk, smile and think the way they want you to be.
They can't imagine you the other way.
If you ever tends to be yourself, follow what you feel like do rather forget being likable to them... then, disaster...
All the pillars of love that you dreamed of and felt yours will shake...

That is inevitable.
But what should you do in such a situation ????
Would you like to sacrifice your self to have all your love around ???
Or will you move ahead ignoring the love and affection that you enjoyed till date ????
Well, sit and talk about it...
How far it will win, I am not sure.
But the people you love needs to know you, your feelings.
You loved them for being themselves, not because they are related to you, or friendly with you or you been forced to.
So now let them understand you, be yourself and re-affirm them that they are the sweetest people you ever had and will have and you will love them forever.
Now they need to sit and reflect the situation.
Try to respect and understand you.
Then the pillars of love you will find are there intact and more strong...
Good Luck... :D


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